Why Choose Us?

Why did our Customers choose Executive Garden Rooms as their preferred Supplier?

Executive Garden Rooms is a family run company, Ben and Alison are very friendly and helpful, they answered all our questions very quickly and gave us lots of advice and ideas.  We fully trusted them.

Company director is onsite throughout the whole project, this is extremely rare. Together with an experienced team of professional tradesman.

First impressions – both in the way Alison dealt with our initial enquiries and the first meeting with Ben, resulting in our confidence and trust. This was so important to us since we were investing a lot of our hard-earned money in building a garden room.

They provided a full complete ‘one-stop’ service - from clearing the garden, removing the shed and tree, connecting the electrics, connecting phone lines and internet – all other companies expected the garden to be cleared prior to start of works.

Alarm bells rang when other companies said they could build it within a week.

We wanted our garden room to be unique, there was total flexibility in the design and build process to create a great space - just what we needed.

We wanted our garden room to feel solid on a concrete foundation not sitting on adjustable legs, we decided that having a concrete base was the only option we would consider.  It will also stop foxes and rats nesting underneath.

We liked to see the building hand made on site and not made from panel construction.

We had 2 other quotes and Executive Garden Rooms provided a very high specification room including under floor heating and electrical connection to our house for the same price or less than the other quotes! The final price included everything - no surprises.

With kids growing up they needed more room, it worked out cheaper than an extension and quicker to build, also cheaper than moving house!

The quality of materials and the contemporary design were fantastic, would definitely recommend to others.

The building is permanent and complies to Schedule 2 of the Building Regulations 2010 (Statutory Instrument), other garden rooms on the market are temporary structures and comply only to the Mobile Homes Act.

We looked into having a conservatory but they get too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, we wanted something we could use all year round.

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